Saratoga Lake

View of Saratoga Lake

A popular lake located east of town, Saratoga Lake is great for a long paddle and has excellent bass fishing. The deepest section of the lake is 96 feet. From Saratoga Lake you can paddle south to the mouth of Kayaderosseras Creek or northeast to Fish Creek. There are some marinas and restaurants along the shores of the lake. Some common birds sighted at the lake include the Red Winged Blackbird, turkey vultures and swamp sparrows. Looking down the lake at the southeast short you will see Snake Hill rising up from the lake along the shoreline.

  • City of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County
  • Activities: Kayak Touring
  • Scenery: Summer Cottages and Wooded Shoreline
  • Size: 5 miles long, < 1 mile wide
  • Current: Flatwater

Trip Tip: Heavy Motorboat Traffic on Summer Weekends


Directions: Route 9P, NYS State Boat Launch

From Saratoga Springs (Exit 14 off of I-87) follow Rte 9P south toward Saratoga Lake. After crossing over the bridge make an immediate left into the NYSDEC parking area and boat launch. Parking fee is $6.