Round Lake

  • Village of Round Lake, Saratoga County
  • Activities: Lake Touring
  • Scenery: Swamp, Houses, Cormorants
  • Size: 1 mile diameter
  • Current: Flatwater

Trip Tip: Access to Little Round Lake and Anthony Kill

This lake is less than one mile in diameter. Access to Little Round Lake and the Anthony Kill expand your options when exploring on the lake. The shoreline is mostly marshland which limits access to the boat launch off of Rte 9. Bass fishing is popular from the grassy area along Rte 9. The Anthony Kill drains the lake on the east side across from the boat launch. The creek is stopped up about one mile down stream by an impressive beaver dam. As a result of the flooding created by the beaver dam, there are several dead standing trees in this area. As you paddle along the creek you will notice large nests high up in the dead trees. These nests are home to a community of Cormorants. The presence of this species of birds is evidence that there is a healthy population of fish in the lake. This bird is easily identifiable by its long “S” shaped neck, which helps to catch fish. Little Round Lake is about a quarter of the size of the main lake. A short waterway along the northern shoreline connects the two lakes. The few houses in the area are located mostly on the shore of Little Round lake.

Directions: Route 9, Boat Launch

Journey south from Saratoga Springs on Rte 9 for about 12 miles to the Town of Stillwater and the Village of Round Lake. You will see the lake on the other side of the guardrail, just off to the left. There is an informal launch at the end of the guardrail. Although, if you continue about 100 yards further, the official boat launch on the left provides easier access. Traffic on this road speeds along, so use your signals and be careful.