Neilman Parcel

This area encompasses part of the largest wetland in the Town of Wilton, the Miller swamp. Developed and maintained by the Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park, the Neilman Parcel adds to the open space in Saratoga County. The trailhead has a kiosk with trail maps and information about the natural environment. The trails are flat and are great for an easy nature walk with the kids. See how many invertebrates and amphibians you can spot. This area is home to deer, Pileated Woodpeckers, Red Fox and the Eastern Spadefoot Toad.

  • Town of Wilton
  • Length: 1.89 miles
  • Scenery: Wooded
  • Terrain: Forest Floor

Trip Tip: On warm and sunny days keep your eyes out for the eastern hognose snake, also known as the puff adder.

Directions: RUGGLES ROAD

Head out of town on Rte 50 north over the Northway. Continue 45 miles and make a right onto King Rd. After 0.8 miles turn right onto Ruggles Rd, the trailhead parking area is on the right.