Lincoln Mountain Forest

  • Town of Greenfield
  • Size: 933 acres
  • Trail Length: 2 miles
  • Scenery: Mixed Forest
  • Terrain: Hilly, Wetland

Trip Tip: Quiet

Enjoy a nature walk through this forest of mixed hardwoods and conifer trees in Greenfield.  The rock walls that are visible throughout the forest are evidence that this land was once farmed.  Selective logging in this forest has created open areas where you will notice ferns and wildflowers.  The main trail in the forest is 2 miles long with some shorter trails spurring off.  At the end of the main trail are some big boulders marking the boundary with private property.  Beavers living in the area have been busy building a dam on Stony Brook.  The road is flooded in some areas as a result of the beavers.  This area was purchased in two sections, one in 1933 and the other in 1963.  Some financing came from State Reforestation funds.  There are three watersheds in this area: Mud Creek which drains into the Kayaderosseras Creek; Stony Brook; and the Snook Kill which both drain into the Hudson River.  The highest elevation in the forest is 960 feet compared to the lowest point of 720 feet.  There are several entrances into the forest, but Cohen Rd trailhead is the most convenient.

Directions: COHEN ROAD

From Saratoga Springs drive northwest on Rte 9N.  Continue over the railroad tracks to the first traffic light.  Make a right onto Locust Grove Rd.  Continue to the end of Locust Grove Rd past Greene Rd to Greenfield Rd (extension of Spier Falls Rd.).  Turn right onto Greenfield Rd and continue 1/2 mile to Cohen Rd on the right.  Drive south on Cohen Rd to the trailhead on the left just before the large gate.  Parking is limited.  Be careful not to block the private driveway off to the right.