HUDSON RIVER - Spier Falls

  • Town of Corinth, Saratoga County
  • Activities: Kayak Touring, Hiking Trails
  • Size: 5 1/2 miles long
  • Scenery: Forested shoreline, Dam
  • Trip tip: The parking is limited.

Enjoy a flatwater paddling adventure on this beautiful remote section of the Hudson River. This five and one-half mile reach of the river is now part of Moreau State Park. Access is limited to a public boat launch off of Spier Falls Rd. There are dams at both ends of this section providing an excellent flatwater destination only 20 minutes from downtown Saratoga Springs. Grab your fishing pole and try to hook a muskellunge, a challenging species to catch. Please carry out all garbage and help keep this natural resource pristine. This is a leave no trace area. The current in this section of river flows southeast.

Directions: Spier Falls Road
Travel north on Rte 9 out of Saratoga Springs (Rte 9 runs parallel to I-87). Continue north on Rte 9 for 6.5 miles from Rte 50. When you come to a traffic light make a left onto Corinth Mountain Rd (Rte 101). This road turns into Wilton Mountain Rd. Make a right onto Spiers Falls Rd when you come to a stop sign and a T intersection. Continue down the hill to the boat launch on the left.

HUDSON RIVER - Sherman Island

  • Town of Moreau, Saratoga County
  • Activities: Kayak Touring, Hiking Trails
  • Size: 3 miles
  • Scenery: Forested shoreline, Dam
  • Trip tip: Islands

Paddle this three mile reach of the Hudson River and discover a beautiful natural environment. The current is slow and the surface of the water is calm most of the time. This reach is below the Spier Falls dam to the west and dammed to the east by Sherman Island Hydro Plant. If you paddle east you will be rewarded with an excellent view of Glens Falls and beyond as the river drops over the falls. There are also opportunities to paddle around some islands and into a small cove. Fishing is to be a popular activity in this area.

Directions: Spier Falls Road
Travel north on Rte 9 out of Saratoga Springs (Rte 9 runs parallel to I-87). Continue north on Rte 9 for 6.5 miles from Rte 50. When you come to a traffic light make a left onto Corinth Mountain Rd (Rte 101). This road turns into Wilton Mountain Rd. Make a right onto Spiers Falls Rd when you come to a stop sign and a T intersection. Continue to the bottom of the hill and along the Hudson River. Continue for 2 miles past the boat launch at the bottom of the hill. Sherman Island boat launch/parking area is on the left.

HUDSON RIVER/Champlain Canal - Schuylerville

  • Town of Saratoga, Village of Schuylerville, Saratoga County
  • Activities: Kayak Touring, Walking Trails
  • Length: Unlimited
  • Current: South
  • Scenery: Wooded shoreline, farms
  • Trip tip: Lock 5

This launch will give the flatwater paddler access to a diverse waterway. This section of the Hudson River, which flows through Schuylerville, is part of the Champlain Canal, a component of the New York State Canal System. The Champlain Canal has a total of 12 locks, which start in Troy and connect to Lake Champlain in Whitehall, NY. One mile upstream of the Schuylerville put-in is Lock 5. Paddling through the lock is always an exciting adventure. It’s free for non-motorized crafts. To access the lock, paddle up to the lock and get the Lock Keeper’s attention. The Lock Keeper controls the lock and when he knows you’re there he’ll open the doors. Paddle into the lock and hold onto one of the ropes hanging down along the walls. The doors will close and this lock will lift you 19 feet up to the next section of the canal. The mouth of the Battenkill is also just upstream from the put-in, which is a beautiful wooded section of river to paddle. Paddling south from the put-in will give you beautiful views of farmland and Saratoga National Battlefield off in the distance. The current flows south. When the water levels are high, the strength of the current increases. I suggest paddling north first and letting the current help you on the way back south to the put-in.

Directions: Route 29
Drive east out of town on Lake Ave (Rte 29) toward Schuylerville. Take a right at the light in Schuylerville staying on Rte 29. Continue through town and make a left at the next light staying on Rte 29. The access at
Fort Hardy Park is on the left just before the bridge.


  • Town of Ballston Spa, Saratoga County
  • Activities: Kayak Touring, Ballston Veterans Bike Path
  • Size: 3 1/2 miles long
  • Scenery: Lake, woods, marsh, summer cottages
  • Trip tip: Bring a kayak cart. The parking is a few hundred yards from the access.

Geological history states that this lake was once part of the former Mohawk River before changing course to its present more easterly path. This history is clarified as you paddle along the high banks of the straight, narrow southern section. The scenery is a mix of waterfront homes and wetland areas. Great Blue Herons can be spotted along the lake. As a result of being located on the Saratoga-McGregor fault zone, numerous springs rich in iron and other minerals, feed the bottom of the lake. These springs are similar to the famous and popular mineral springs of Saratoga Springs.

The northern end of the lake has a parking area, fishing pier and hand launch for access to the three and a half mile body of water. The deepest point of 120 feet is at the southern end of the lake. Since Outlet Road is the only public access, paddling the entire distance to the southern shoreline and back, will take about two hours on a calm day. Excellent sport fishing opportunities exist and there always seems to be a crowd of people fishing around the bridge on Outlet Road. Indians who traveled along this historic trade route, referred to the lake as Shenantaha, which means “deer waters”. The white settlers followed and named it Long Lake until renaming it Ballston Lake after Reverend Eliphaler Ball. Reverend Ball was one of the early settlers and built a log cabin up off to the northwest of the lake up on the hill.

Directions: Outlet Road

Outlet Rd is located 9.5 miles south of Saratoga Springs off of Route 50. Go through Ballston Spa to the traffic light at Outlet Road. In Ballston Spa stop at the Wild Thyme Food & Tea Co. to pick up an energy drink before hitting the trail. The Good Times Café sign is a good landmark marking Outlet Road. Continue east on Outlet Rd. The trailhead is on the right just before you go over the railroad tracks, although the parking area is a few hundred yards down the road on the left. The parking area is large enough for plenty of vehicles and has one picnic table.

KAYADEROSSERAS CREEK - Your Guide to the Kayaderosseras Creek

  • Town of Malta, Milton, City of Saratoga Springs
  • Activities: River Running
  • Length: 10.5 miles - Kelley Park to Saratoga Lake
  • Scenery: Natural, Houses
  • Current: Class I
  • Trip tip: Bring Bug Repellent

The Kayaderosseras Creek flows through Ballston Spa and drains into Saratoga Lake, taking you through the historic Saratoga region. Some portaging over logjams will be necessary during low water. Paddling in either direction works, although during spring run off, paddling upstream requires some skill. Be aware of your abilities and those of the persons with whom you are paddling. Shuttles can also be set up at the various access points for paddling one direction.


Kelley Park, Village of Ballston Spa

1.7 miles to Burl Trail

Head south on Route 50 to Ballston Spa. Make a left on Saratoga Ave just before you reach the bridge. Follow Saratoga Ave to the left for 1/4 mile. Turn right onto Ralph Ave. Kelley Park is on the left just over the bridge. Park in the gravel lot and carry your kayak/canoe down the embankment.

Gray’s Crossing, The Burl Trail, Northline Road, Saratoga Spa State Park

1.7 miles from Kelly Park, 3.2 miles to Driscoll Rd.

Go south on Route 50 from Saratoga Springs for about 4.5 miles. At the traffic light make a left onto Northline Rd (County Route 45). Drive 7/10ths of a mile to the clearing on the right hand side of the road. This access is part of The Burl Trail parcel.

Driscoll Road, Saratoga Spa State Park

3.2 miles form Grays Crossing, 4 miles to Saratoga Lake

This is the newest access site on the creek. A long trail from the parking area leads down to the water. A two person carry or a cart is recommended. From Saratoga Springs drive south on Route 9 toward I-87, Exit 13. Make a right onto Driscoll Road and continue to the parking area on the left.


Lake Lonely Livery, Saratoga Springs

0.85 miles to the confluence of the Kayaderosseras

Located on the Lake Lonely access creek between Lake Lonely and the Kayaderosseras Creek. From Saratoga Springs head south on Broadway (Route 9) past the entrance to Spa State Park. Make a left onto Crescent Ave and continue for 1.5 miles, crossing over I-87. The parking area and boat launch is on the right. A nominal fee is charged to park here.

New York State Boat Launch, Saratoga Lake

1.5 miles to mouth of the Kayaderosseras, 5.5 miles to Driscoll Rd

Follow Route 9P South (Union Avenue, Exit 14) from Saratoga Springs toward Saratoga Lake. Make a left after crossing the bridge over Fish Creek. The state charges $5.00 to park and launch a boat during the summer and on weekends during the spring and fall.

For more information. Check out: Friends of the Kayaderosseras


  • City of Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County
  • Activities: Lake Touring
  • Scenery: Summer Cottages
  • Size: 5 miles long, < 1 mile wide
  • Current: Flatwater
  • Trip Tip: Heavy Motorboat Traffic on Summer Weekends

A popular lake located east of town, Saratoga Lake is great for a long paddle and has excellent bass fishing. The deepest section of the lake is 96 feet. From Saratoga Lake you can paddle south to the mouth of Kayaderosseras Creek or northeast to Fish Creek. There are some marinas and restaurants along the shores of the lake. Some common birds sighted at the lake include the Red Winged Blackbird, turkey vultures and swamp sparrows. Looking down the lake at the southeast short you will see Snake Hill rising up from the lake along the shoreline.

Route 9P, NYS State Boat Launch

From Saratoga Springs (Exit 14 off of I-87) follow Rte 9P south toward Saratoga Lake. After crossing over the bridge make an immediate left. Parking fee is $6.


  • Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County
  • Activities: Kayak Touring, Swimming, Powerboats
  • Length: 13 miles from Saratoga Lake to Hudson River
  • Scenery: Bayou
  • Trip Tip: Kayak rentals at the Kayak Shak

Fish Creek flows east out of Saratoga Lake for 13 miles to Schuylerville, where it empties into the Hudson River. There is a small dam east of Bryant's Bridge Rd that controls the level of the lake and creek. Motorboat traffic is heavy on the weekends, but is mostly concentrated on Saratoga Lake. The best put in for kayakers and canoeists is off of Stafford's Bridge Rd at the Kayak Shak, which is part of Saratoga Outdoor Center. As you paddle around the thick lily pads along the shoreline you often will see large carp surfacing and splashing. Some common birds sighted along the waterway include the red winged blackbirds and swamp sparrow.

Directions: Stafford's Bridge Road, Kayak Shak

From Saratoga Springs drive east on Rte 29 toward Schuylerville until you come to the traffic light at Stafford's Bridge Rd. Make a right and continue over the bridge. The Kayak Shak is immediately on the right.


  • Town of Day, Northville, Broadalbin, North Hampton, Hadley
  • Activities: Kayak Touring, Swimming, Powerboats
  • Length: 29 miles
  • Scenery: Mixed Natural and Summer Cottages
  • Trip Tip: 5 Public Access Points

The Great Sacandaga Lake is an excellent recreational resource for all types of paddlers. The lake lies in the southern section of the Adirondack Park and stretches across two counties – Fulton and Saratoga. You can explore the open water of the main lake, paddle around the islands along the western shore, bird watch in the marshes, or just float around by one of the numerous beaches. From your craft, there are rewarding views of farmed pastures, wooded mountainsides and peaks of the southern Adirondacks. Northville and Broadalbin are two of the 14 North Country towns located along the 125-mile shoreline. Stop for lunch or grab a snack to get a feel for the towns before you put-in and explore part of this 29-mile long body of water.
When the floodgates of the Conklingville dam were closed for the first time in 1930, 25,000 acres of the Sacandaga Valley were submerged. Run off draining into the upper reaches of the Sacandaga River covered several towns 40 to 75 feet under water. To this day, the Conklingville Dam is still operational and has created a picturesque destination for flatwater kayaking and canoeing.

Directions: Conklingville Dam, Hadley

To get to this launch from Hadley/Luzerne, travel west on County Route 4. After 2 miles bear left onto County Route 7 and South Shore Rd. Make a left at the stop sign and continue over Stewart Dam. Continue to the right on South Shore Rd along Stewart Pond on your right. As you approach the Conklingville Dam continue to the left. The access is on the right just south of the dam.

Boat Launch, Day

Located on North Shore Rd (Route 4) five miles north of the Hamlet of Edinburgh and 12 miles south, by road, of the Conklingville dam.

Boat Launch, Northville, Fulton County

Located on Route 30 about one half of a mile north of the Northville Bridge.

Boat launch, Broadalbin, Fulton County

Located three miles northeast of the Village of Broadalbin on Lakeview Road, off of County Route 110.

Northampton Beach, Fulton County

Located three miles south of Northville on County Route 152 off of Route 30. Keep an eye out for the signs off of Route 30 directing you to the park entrance.


  • Village of Round Lake, Saratoga County
  • Activities: Lake Touring
  • Scenery: Swamp, Houses, Cormorants
  • Size: 1 mile diameter
  • Current: Flatwater
  • Trip Tip: Access to Little Round Lake and Anthony Kill

This lake is less than one mile in diameter. Access to Little Round Lake and the Anthony Kill expand your options when exploring on the lake. The shoreline is mostly marshland which limits access to the boat launch off of Rte 9. Bass fishing is popular from the grassy area along Rte 9. The Anthony Kill drains the lake on the east side across from the boat launch. The creek is stopped up about one mile down stream by an impressive beaver dam. As a result of the flooding created by the beaver dam, there are several dead standing trees in this area. As you paddle along the creek you will notice large nests high up in the dead trees. These nests are home to a community of Cormorants. The presence of this species of birds is evidence that there is a healthy population of fish in the lake. This bird is easily identifiable by its long "S" shaped neck, which helps to catch fish. Little Round Lake is about a quarter of the size of the main lake. A short waterway along the northern shoreline connects the two lakes. The few houses in the area are located mostly on the shore of Little Round lake.

Directions: Route 9, Boat Launch

Journey south from Saratoga Springs on Rte 9 for about 12 miles to the Town of Stillwater and the Village of Round Lake. You will see the lake on the other side of the guardrail, just off to the left. There is an informal launch at the end of the guardrail. Although, if you continue about 100 yards further, the official boat launch on the left provides easier access. Traffic on this road speeds along, so use your signals and be careful.

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