Hemlock Trail

  • City of Saratoga Springs
  • Size: 308 acres (312 acres with Kayaderosseras House Parcel)
  • Trail length:
    • Blue Markers, Hemlock Trail:  1.1 miles
    • Green Markers, White Oak Trail:  0.6 miles
  • Scenery: Hardwood with a band of Hemlocks
  • Terrain: Flat, Natural with some streams.

Trip Tip: Part of Saratoga State Park

HISTORY:  The Hemlock Trail Area was purchased by the state of New York in 1966 for use as a golf course.  The project was never executed and the land remains in its natural state for the enjoyment of the public.  Much of this 308-acre parcel was cleared for logging and farming purposes early in the 1800’s.  There are 90 acres, however, that were left to grow undisturbed because they were too wet to log.  Small groves of old-growth trees still stand among these wetlands.  The trees, mostly hemlock, oak and beech, range in age from 100 to 300 years old.  As you hike, the Hemlock Trail will lead you through fields and forests of all ages.  Be sure to look for an old-growth grove.  You can identify an old growth grove by its large trees and open forest floor.  The ground may also have mounds and pits, all that remains of trees that once stood in this forest long ago.

TRAIL DESCRIPTION:  The Hemlock Trail winds through hardwood forests, successional fields, hemlock forests and wetlands. Significant habitats include the perched swamp white oak forest and the old-growth groves.  87 of the 308 acres are considered federally regulated wetland.  This means that the area meets three criteria: (1) it is underlain by hydric soils, (2) it has vegetation dominated by hydrophytic plants, (3) its hydrology is typical of wetlands.  Four bridges are present on the property.

DIRECTIONS: Crescent Ave

From Exit 14 off of I-87 travel west on Union Ave toward downtown Saratoga Springs. Make a left at the third traffic light onto Nelson Ave. Continue on Nelson Ave until you come to a stop sign at Crescent Ave. Make right onto Crescent Ave. The trailhead sign is on the left.

From Exit 13N off of I-87 travel north on route 9 toward downtown Saratoga Springs. Make a right onto Crescent Ave just past Saratoga Honda. Continue on Crescent Ave. The trailhead sign is on the right.

The rules and regulations of the Hemlock Trail area are as follows:

  • No Motorized Vehicles Allowed
  • Dogs Must Be Kept on a Leash, No Longer Than 6′ Long
  • No Overnight Parking or Camping
  • Park in Designated Area Only
  • No hunting
  • This is a Carry-In/Carry-Out Area.  Please dispose of your trash properly, including pet waste.
  • The Hemlock Trail area gate opens at 8a.m. and closes at sunset.
  • Please report emergencies or suspicious activity to: