Grant Mountain

This ride will keep you working with two significant uphill sections. The ride starts on the east side of the Palmertown Range. It then continues northeast along the Hudson River before heading back over the mountain range. Grant Mountain and a large section of Moreau Lake State Park lie within the perimeter of the route. When you start riding south, the route goes along Old Saratoga Rd ,which can be a little bumpy in spots.

  • Town of Moreau
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Length: 14.5 miles
  • Scenery: Hudson River Valley
  • Terrain: Steep hills.

Trip Tip: Prepare to sweat!

Ride Directions: Start the ride by climbing northwest up Corinth Mtn Rd. This road turns into Wilton Mountain Rd. When you come to a stop sign at a funky T intersection, make a right onto Spier Falls Rd (Rte 24). Follow this road down and along the Hudson River past two hydro-electric dams. As you ride away from the river the road climbs and goes along the northern boundary of Moreau Lake State Park. Turn right onto Potter Road for a short distance and bear right onto Mountain Rd. Continue past the park entrance. Bear right when this road intersects with Old Saratoga Road (Old Rte 9). Follow this road to Rte 9 and back to where the ride began.

Driving Directions: Corinth Mountain Road
Travel north 6.5 miles on Rte 9 from Rte 50 in Saratoga Springs. Parking is available off of Corinth Mtn Rd on Mount McGregor Rd.