Sacandaga River - Stewarts Bridge

  • Town of Wilton, Saratoga County
  • Activities: River Running, Play Boating
  • Length: 2 1/2 miles
  • Scenery: Adirondacks
  • Current: Class II - III

Trip tip: Releases everyday from Memorial Day to Columbus Day.

Just 20 miles north of Saratoga, this river has whitewater all season long. Thanks to the cooperation of the power company, we have releases every day from May to September. The put-in has a large eddy, which is great to warm up. The river has two sections of rapids. The upper section has an excellent surf wave river right just down from the put-in. The first wave will surf you all day long. Right behind that wave is a more trashy one called the Vesuvius. The second section, which is preceded by about a 1/2 mile of flat water, has a great play hole on river left, just past the bridge. The take-out is on the left just before the confluence with the Hudson River. If you paddle up the Hudson and under the bridge, there are some strong currents and eddy lines in the Room of Doom. Just above the Room of Doom is Rockwell Falls - a Class V waterfall. There is a parking and picnic area at the take-out with an outfitter shop. Shuttles are available from the take-out to the put-in for a small fee.

Directions: Sacandaga Outdoor Center - Take-Out

Drive north from Saratoga on Rte 9N through the Town of Corinth. Continue on Rte 9N to the Town of Lake Luzerne. At the traffic light before Stewart’s make a left onto East River Dr. Continue along the Hudson River into town. Make a left onto County Rte 4 and go over the bridge. Make the next left just before the railroad tracks onto Old Corinth Rd. The take-out is at the end of the road.
Directions: Stewart’s Dam - Put-In

From the take-out drive out to County Rte 4 and make a left. Go over the railroad tracks and drive along the Sacandaga River. Make your second left onto South Shore Rd (County Rte 7) and continue past the dirt parking lot on your right. Make a left at the stop sign and the put-in is through the gate just down the road on the left. Unload here and park back up the road at the dirt lot.

Kayak Touring Adventures

Kayak Touring Adventures

Saratoga County is a great destination for all levels of paddlers. There are over 100 miles of lakes, rivers, streams and creeks for both kayakers and canoeists. The Hudson and Mohawk River make up approximately half of Saratoga County’s border to the east and south. Call your friends, load up your gear and get out on the water. Check out our Touring Kayakers Checklist to help plan your next adventure.

Hudson River/Champlain Canal

Kayak Touring Through the Locks


  • Town of Saratoga, Village of Schuylerville, Saratoga County
  • Activities: Kayak Touring, Walking Trails
  • Length: Unlimited
  • Current: South
  • Scenery: Wooded shoreline, farms

Trip tip: Lock 5

This launch will give the flatwater paddler access to a diverse waterway. This section of the Hudson River, which flows through Schuylerville, is part of the Champlain Canal, a component of the New York State Canal System. The Champlain Canal has a total of 12 locks, which start in Troy and connect to Lake Champlain in Whitehall, NY. One mile upstream of the Schuylerville put-in is Lock 5. Paddling through the lock is always an exciting adventure. It’s free for non-motorized crafts. To access the lock, paddle up to the lock and get the Lock Keeper’s attention. The Lock Keeper controls the lock and when he knows you’re there he’ll open the doors. Paddle into the lock and hold onto one of the ropes hanging down along the walls. The doors will close and this lock will lift you 19 feet up to the next section of the canal. The mouth of the Battenkill is also just upstream from the put-in, which is a beautiful wooded section of river to paddle. Paddling south from the put-in will give you beautiful views of farmland and Saratoga National Battlefield off in the distance. The current flows south. When the water levels are high, the strength of the current increases. I suggest paddling north first and letting the current help you on the way back south to the put-in.

Directions: Route 29
Drive east out of town on Lake Ave (Rte 29) toward Schuylerville. Take a right at the light in Schuylerville staying on Rte 29. Continue through town and make a left at the next light staying on Rte 29. The access at Fort Hardy Park is on the left just before the bridge.

Fish Creek


  • Town of Saratoga, Saratoga County
  • Activities: Kayak Touring, Swimming, Powerboats
  • Length: 13 miles from Saratoga Lake to Hudson River
  • Scenery: Bayou
  • Trip Tip: Kayak rentals at the Kayak Shak

Fish Creek flows east out of Saratoga Lake for 13 miles to Schuylerville, where it empties into the Hudson River. There is a small dam east of Bryant’s Bridge Rd that controls the level of the lake and creek. Motorboat traffic is heavy on the weekends, but is mostly concentrated on Saratoga Lake. The best put in for kayakers and canoeists is off of Stafford’s Bridge Rd at the Kayak Shak, which is part of Saratoga Outdoor Center. As you paddle around the thick lily pads along the shoreline you often will see large carp surfacing and splashing. Some common birds sighted along the waterway include the red winged blackbirds and swamp sparrow.

Directions: Stafford’s Bridge Road, Kayak Shak

From Saratoga Springs drive east on Rte 29 toward Schuylerville until you come to the traffic light at Stafford’s Bridge Rd. Make a right and continue over the bridge. The Kayak Shak is immediately on the right.