SMBA - Skidmore Stables

  • Size: 538 acres
  • Level: Beginner - Expert
  • Scenery: Forest, swamps, streams
  • Terrain: Mostly rugged single track

Trip Tip: SMBA use sticker required
This 538-acre parcel of land north of town has become very popular for mountain bikers through out the region.  There are plenty of cyclists to ride with on a sunny afternoon during the week.  The intertwined, technical trails have consistently evolved over the years, thanks to Saratoga Mountain Bike Association (SMBA).

There are many unique features that will challenge and keep the most experienced bikers coming back for more riding.  As you explore the area, get ready to cross over small streams on narrow stick bridges, cruise down or drop off of giant boulders and get to the other side of logs with the use of a seesaw.  The beginner and intermediate mountain biker will advance quickly after riding miles of single track and dirt roads through out the wooded region.

Back in 2000, SMBA was formed and secured this land for recreation with an agreement with Finch-Pryn Paper Company, who still occasionally closes sections for logging operations.  SMBA has a membership fee to handle trail maintenance and administrative costs.  You are required to purchase a use sticker, which are available at Elevate Cycles on Van Dam St in downtown Saratoga Springs.

Directions: Clinton Ave and Daniels Road
Parking is very limited here and not recommended. It’s better to ride from town. Go west on Church Street off of Broadway. At the first traffic light make a right onto Clinton Ave. Ride to the end of Clinton Ave past Skidmore College. The trailhead is across the road.

Camp Saratoga

  • Town of Wilton
  • Size: 310 acres with five miles of trails
  • Scenery: Forested
  • Terrain: Forested and field floor. Some sand.

Trip Tip: Try to spot the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly

Camp Saratoga was operated as a Boy Scout camp from 1930 to 2001, and then it became part of the Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park. The preserve is 310 acres and located only 8 miles from downtown. This park encompasses a variety of ecosystems including woodlands, wetlands, open areas and streams. This habitat supports the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly. There are trail maps and environmental information available at the trailhead parking area.

For more trail details and activity schedule check out Wilton Wildlife Preserve.

Directions: SCOUT ROAD

Follow Route 50 north through the Wilton shopping area for 6 miles. Turn left onto Edie Road, proceed 1.5 miles and turn right onto Scout Road. The parking area and trailheads are 0.7 miles on the left.