Burl Trail


Thanks to a collaborated effort between the local “grass-roots” organization, Friends of the Kayaderosseras, and New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation this trail now exists.  A highly energetic and dedicated group of volunteers successfully constructed a level, wood chip trail on a rainy day in late April 2005.  The group trimmed back trees, tall grass and shoveled load after load of wood chips into wheelbarrows, despite the muddy conditions.

  • City of Saratoga Springs
  • Length: One mile
  • Scenery: Kayaderosseras Creek
  • Terrain: Wood Chips

Trip Tip: New as of April 2005

Named for the knotty growth on a tree at the trailhead, The Burl Trail is a one-mile loop along the Kayaderosseras Creek.  The 345-acre parcel of land that the trial is on was recently acquired by New York State and is now part of Saratoga Spa State Park.  A new access point, Gray’s Crossing, to the Kayaderosseras Creek is located at this destination.

Join Friends of the Kayaderosseras, and get involved in future events and programs.


Travel south from Saratoga Springs on Route 50. Make a left at the traffic light onto Northline Road.  Continue under the railroad bridge for about one half mile to the trailhead parking area in the field on the right.