Bicycle and explore the historic battlegrounds of Saratoga National Historic Park.  This bicycling tour winds its way on the park tour road, which provides a safe and quiet bicycling destination. Enjoy picture perfect views of the Green Mountains of Vermont off in the distance with rolling farmland in the foreground.  The tour road has information signs along the way about the battleground.

Saratoga National Historic Park is a historically significant destination located along the Hudson River and Champlain Canal in eastern Saratoga County.  This land is where the two Battles of Saratoga took place during the Revolutionary War.  General Burgoyne of the British Army was defeated during the second battle, which is one of the most significant battles in American and world history.  As a result of the victory at Saratoga, the American Colonies became recognized as a force not to be reckoned with.  Visit Saratoga National Historic Park and learn more about this decisive point in history and why Benedict Arnold is considered an American hero.

Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Distance: 5 or 10 mile loop 

What’s included:

  • Biking guides
  • 21 Speed Comfort Bike
  • Park entrance fees
  • Post Adventure Happy Hour

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