Battenkill State Forest - hiking

Located in Washington County, this 983 acre mixed forest makes for an excellent day adventure from the Capital/Saratoga Region. The hike begins roughly 30 miles east of Saratoga Springs.  Meandering along Snake Ridge, the trail provides an opportunity to explore the Battenkill State Forest.   The trail leads to Peaked Rock at 1100 feet above the Battenkill River. Recently there has been some dispute over the ownership of the actual rock.  Vermont lies just on the other side of the range.  This moderate hike yields rewarding views of Washington County and beyond.

  • Cambridge
  • Size: 983 acres
  • Trail length: 2 1/2 miles
  • Scenery: Mixed forest with screened views of Washington County farmland.
  • Terrain: Rugged

Trip Tip: Solar Building and maps at Battenkill Valley Outdoors.

From the parking area, the trail starts out along the mountain stream, dividing two parcels of farmland.  As you begin your journey, notice Battenkill Valley Outdoors’ store in their new solar log building on the north side of the stream.  The trail starts with a gradual climb up a pre-exisiting logging road. After hopping across the stream, you will start gaining elevation. Pale green slate constitutes the trail surface. As you continue past birch, oak and hickory trees the grade becomes quite steeper until you reach the saddle connecting to Goose Egg Ridge. One last steep pitch will get you onto Snake Ridge. From here the trail continues over the peak for 1.5 miles out to Peaked Rock.  As you hike along the ridge there are glimpses of the green mountains to the east and farmland in the valley to the west. The trail lies close to the border between public and private property, respect private property and stay on the trail.

Scenic Directions: Rte 313, Cambridge

From Saratoga Springs, drive east on Route 29 through the Village of Schuylerville to the Town of Greenwich.  Continue on Route 29 to the Town of Battenville.  Make a right onto Route 61 east to the Town of Shushan.  When you come to Dead Lake, Route 61 goes left and then immediately right. Continue on Route 61 to Route 313. Make a right onto Route 313 South. The trailhead/parking area is one mile south on Route 313, just past the entrance for Battenkill Valley Outdoors.  You will see a designated NYSDEC Trailhead/Parking area sign.