Old Gick Farm

Since 1998 The Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park has protected and maintained the Old Gick Farm as a nature preserve. Close to town, this once operating farm is an easy walk through a beautiful and diverse environment. Once an open area, pitch pine and oak have encroached the open fields over the years. There is one main trail that is 0.85 miles long and fairly flat. There are three secondary trials that spur off of the main trail. The trailhead has a kiosk with trail maps and information about the natural environment.

  • Town of Wilton
  • Length: 1.6 miles of trails
  • Scenery: Pitch pine and oak
  • Terrain: sandy, gentle rolling dune like terrain

Trip Tip: Be on the look out for the Eastern Spadefoot Toad and the Karner Blue Butterfly

Directions: ROUTE 50

Follow Rte 50 northeast out of Saratoga Springs toward I-87, Exit 15. The trailhead is 4 miles on the left past the Wilton Mall.