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Friday, November 03, 2021

Moreau Lake State Park

Date: 11/3/06
Location: Moreau Lake State Park
Weather: Slight south wind, Partly cloudy
Air temp: 45 F
Water: 45 F

Today Dave Barker, Evan Shaw and I drove up to Moreau Lake State Park and shot a segment of a kayak instructional HD video. The video equipment was great and Evan has endless kayaking safety tips. The theme for the shoot was Cold Weather Paddling with a brief towing segment.

Activity: Kayak Touring
Johnny's Gear:
Under layers
Patagonia Mid Weight Top
IR Shorts

Outer layers
Kokatat Gore Tex Drysuit with booties
Fleece ski hat

Wilderness Systems Cape Horn - kevlar
Werner Bent Shaft Camano - Carbon Fiber
Harmony skirt - Neoprene
Lotus Designs - Rescue Vest
Prijon Deck Bag

Stay tuned for more Adventure Research,

Johnny Miller


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